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  • Ananda Kripa

Parent Resources - What to expect at our upcoming July Event!

This might be the first time you have attended the Plano Family Expo and you may think is this event right for me?

As a mom and founder, let me tell you- YES! My business partners and fellow Plano parents created this event hoping to provide a solution to a ever growing concern for parents. How can we connect with our local resources on the weekends along side our children?

In simplicity we find clarity- its easy right? Entertain the kiddos and go and connect with the local businesses, health care, schools, daycares, swim lessons to martial arts - find all of those smiling faces you would normally hunt down by number or website - meet in person and find out more!

We have expanded into our 6 pillars of resources that have created a base and mission statement to our success of events-

Entertainment - Dj, Bounce Houses, Face Painting, Crafts, Dances, Performers

Health & Fitness - Gyms, Fitness Programs, Sports Clubs, Dance Studios, Children's Active Classes.

Parent Resources - Parent Support- Mind, body, and soul. Spa services, Family counseling, and information about family supportive care in the area as well as other community activities for parents.

Free Activities - Offered by various organizations, nonprofits, Community organizations, business and schools.

Education - Schools, Afterschool programs, Educational activities, Competitions, Experiments, Storytime and Interactive games, Talks on education and education services.

Local Resources - Connecting Community- Promoting local businesses in Plano and surrounding areas.

Come find out more about your community and resources in Plano!

Next event: July 24, 2022

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